AddOnIT P.S prides itself on the quality of its technical engineers.

We believe that technical excellence is a prerequisite for the success of any complex data communications project. Our aim is to provide the technical expertise to undertake the physical installation and configuration of any  network system.

We have a long and successful experience with Service Providers ,Mobile Operators and Enterprises  to deliver services including installation & commissioning of networks to the exacting standards of technical competence, quality and safety required by this market sector.

Our customer’s value our service because we deliver, on time, in budget and with quality every time.

We experienced and well practiced, we work within tight timescales and outages governed by network traffic demands.

We are fully trained and certified for the task they complete and are vendor accredited in a variety of technologies: 

Networks infrastructure
Veraity of solutions for modern data networks based mainly  on IP/MPLS technology.
Veraity of security solutions for modern data networks and systems.
Consulting services
superior consulting services for managing the implementation that builds, organize and control resources to achieve specific goal in the area of  information technology.
System management solution
System management solution for complex environment.
Intenet Of Things (IOT)

We create connections between different IoT products that lead to the formation of a complete and complex technological system.


communication equipment for building and expanding networks, servers and security equipment (Firewalls etc).

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